Caroline is a busy mum, balancing work as an international charity manager, a wife and a mother.

To do something different for her birthday, she decided to cherish herself and her family through a Contemporary Beauty Shoot with Alex. You can see her wonderful fun day below

Initially , I only wanted a photo for my Linked-in profile, but there are so many gorgeous photos I am having trouble choosing.
The total experience was completely positive, and I would highly recommend it - especially if you are like me and normally hate being in front of the camera!
The results are better than I could have ever imagined! 
Thank-you so much Alex!

 She Hated Having Her Pictures Taken

Gilean,Mother, Medical Professional

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Wow! The photos Alex has taken of me are beautiful!

I usually hate having my photos taken, but I can honestly say that  the afternoon that I spent with Alex was great fun. 
It was relaxed and easy with lots of laughs.
He listened to me about the type of photo I wanted.  He had some brilliant suggestions regarding clothing and accessories.

At the time of her shoot Heike was holding down a demanding high profile job as cultural advisor for a government agency. As well as being a busy mother of two she has had challenges with being trapped in a marriage that had lost its life, and yet not having the confidence to move on. 
Doing a Personal Branding Session with Alex was an intensive celebration of herself giving her with a new profile for work and also the ability to make changes and get on with a new start to life. 


"What you are doing is better than any form of psychotherapy. Women can feel better about themselves and find themselves.  

It’s different from plastic surgery and all these terrible things. You have a non-invasive approach - it’s much better. Sometimes I go to a (spa) - but I do not feel as empowered as I did after this Portrait Session - especially the Reveal session.

I think it’s a very non-invasive wonderful way of bringing transformation about...I mean I couldn’t believe it...all of a sudden I was able to make a decision that I had postponed so long - I felt really relieved.

I wanted you to understand that this is much more than Art - it’s unbelievable for me, and an unbelievably intense psychological process”

"a powerful psychological and emotional experience"

Heike, Mother, Cultural Advisor

 "It's been fantastic! Alot of good communication, and I felt relaxed and glamorous"

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Blue eyes

Heike chose her custom-made folio box colour based on the  photographer's eyes!
Watch Heike talking about the handcrafted folio box she chose.

"I was just blown away!"

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